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Towards the end of the twentieth century, a century which so generously gave birth to almost all new music styles, Belgian musicians start broadening their horizons. The old “home style” is over, long live world music!

In 2003, back in Halle, near Brussels (Belgium), Zonko strike their first notes. This band grows into a solid team in no time. They win the first contest they participate in, the 2004 Zennetour. And they manage to open some eyes… and ears.

As from the start, they bury each and every “pop” cliché. So is Zonko a fanfare? A pop group? A funk band? Latin American? Chanson? No, essentially it’s a bunch of crazy copper players, a bass guitar, a guitar, piano, drums and percussion, all orbiting around their sexy singer… On stage, Zonko gets hyperkinetic, the players go into higher gear and the audience is inevitably enchanted by music from all over the globe, with fine French and Spanish song texts. This is music with a high degree of “itching to swing along”. Add the matching spices and Zonko will offer you a seducing taste, from the very first tune…

Very soon, Zonko manage to develop their own typical sound during live performances. This music best be described as “original and positive universal music, for partying.” French chanson, South American rhythm and a dose of Eastern European melancholy, they’re all woven through it.

When it comes to winning contests, Zonko keeps up the good work, because they successively manage to win the Exixion Rock Rally, the Red Rock Rally and Flodder Rock. During summer of 2005, they play as a pre-program band for the Levellers, the Stranglers and Starflam. In the winter of 2006, they record a demo CD “Ca va?” and just before that, they perform abroad for the first time.

The highlight of 2007 is their much appreciated performance, when they play the closing act at the famous “Ghent Festivities”. At one a.m., the stage “at Sint-Jacobs” takes on a nearly Brazilian touch, with a laughing and swinging crowd. In 2008 they score high with their “Brelliant” project, in honor of Jacques Brel. Several songs by this Belgian “monument” are rearranged into a contemporary sound, backed-up by the Sint-Martinusfanfare Halle. And during summer they retreat in the studio with Jan Neef for their first album, “Toujours l’été”.

The Band

Barbara Darimont-Barber: voice
Harald Nerinckx: bass guitar, ukelele
Jan Samyn: drums
Toon Janssens: guitars
Tijl Halliez: percussions
Jan Vankeerberghen: tenor sax, piano
Tim De Jonghe: trumpet and bugle
Glen De Jonghe: trumbone
Bart Vandercammen: trumpet and bugle

Ludo Steenhouwer: technics